Bears Ears Inter-Tribal Coalition

A historic consortium of sovereign tribal nations united in the effort to conserve the Bears Ears cultural landscape.

Take Action: Support the Tribes’ vision for Bears Ears!

The public comment period for the draft Resource Management Plan for the Bears Ears National Monument is now open. This is the first time a coalition of Tribal Nations has collaborated with federal agencies in preparing a management plan for a national monument.

By voicing your support for Alternative E, you’re helping ensure that Bears Ears is managed in a way that respects Traditional Indigenous Knowledge, reflects time-tested best practices, protects the biodiversity of the land, and ensures sustainable access for all.

The public comment is open until June 11, 2024.

Bears Ears Buttes (c)Tim Peterson

Why We Are Here

By visiting Bears Ears, giving our prayers, and conducting our ceremonies, we heal our bodies and help heal the land itself.

Our Approach

Beyond just protection, these lands will be managed in an entirely new way incorporating Native American traditional knowledge as an intellectual partner to western science, where the land and all its component parts are the mentor, the teacher, the healer, and where all our other-than-human relatives are honored and respected in a dance of reciprocity.

Our Goal

To assure that the Bears Ears area will be managed forever with the greatest environmental sensitivity and healing of the land to make it fully a place where we can be among our ancestors and their songs and wisdom and our deepest values, where the traumas of the past can be alleviated, where we can connect with the land and be healed. A monument to all of these values will speak to the finest dreams of our people and those of the people of the nation and the world as well.

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Explore Remarkable Places in Bears Ears

Please read our respectful visitation guidelines if you plan on traveling to any of these culturally significant places.